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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Ladies, it's time for a taste of the good stuff! A no-brainer that will appeal to everyone, Barcelona wine tasting will introduce you to some seriously fine vinos. Come with us to the city's best bodegas and embark on an alcoholic journey of discovery with a wine expert.

Learn all about the great Spanish wines, get to grips with the lingo and discover how to read wine labels and lists properly.

Your host will also reveal the art of true wine appreciation. If you've ever wondered how the pros tell a nice nose from a nasty one or develop the skills to pinpoint an oaky aroma, now's your chance to find out.

From rich red Riojas to crisp, fruity Cavas, this is a fascinating and tasty journey into the world of Spanish wine. Barcelona wine tasting includes:

  • A tasting session featuring at least 4 different Spanish wines
  • Nibbles to improve your appreciation of the wines
  • Services of an expert
  • Go from novice to connoisseur in one enjoyable afternoon

Price Per Person From £35.00

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Wine Tasting Tapas Meal Airport Transfers 2 Nights Accommodation
From £ 165.00