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Pole Dancing Lesson

Pole Dancing Lesson

Super popular, saucy and a great workout, Bristol hen party pole dancing will give the bride a fitting sendoff. Unleash your inner sexpot and discover how to perform all sorts of cool little tricks that will have your partner wrapped around your little finger!

The session lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours, is led by an experienced instructor and takes place in a centrally located studio.

After an energising warm-up to some great tunes, you'll be shown the basic moves, the walk and how to grip the pole.

During the course of the lesson, your group will learn gripping and spinning techniques, the art of sensual movement and get to grips with some sassy tricks. At the end, everyone will perform their routines and receive a certificate of commendation.

This is a great way to get everyone together and totally immersed in a Bristol hen weekend. Pole dancing is suitable for a huge range of groups. Anyone can take part, regardless of age or fitness levels.

The idea is to have a giggle in a fun and informal setting.

All you need is a pair of hot pants and a love of new experiences.

Price available on quote.

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