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Pole Dancing Lesson

Pole Dancing Lesson

Probably the most appropriate activity for a big bridal bash! Tenerife hen weekend pole dancing lessons have all the ingredients you need to send the bride off with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

Break the ice and get the girls bonding and laughing as you learn how to become proper pole stars.

If you think the spins and moves are too tricky, think again! Prepare to be stunned by how quickly you pick up the walk, the climb and the cradle spin. Absolute beginners are welcome - these lessons are aimed at novices and teach the basics in a fun and relaxed environment.

After a high tempo warm up, an experienced instructor will reveal how to grip the pole and take you through the basics. At the end, the girls will perform a simple routine that can be used in the bedroom or on the dancefloor if you're feeling particularly wild!

To get the best out of a Tenerife hen weekend pole dancing lesson, wear shorts/hot pants and a vest top. Bare arms and legs allow you to grip the pole. Bring high heels if you really want to get into the spirit of things!

Price Per Person From £29.00

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