Lloret de Mar Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Archery

Lloret de mar Archery

Looking for something unusual guaranteed to keep the girls entertained on a Lloret de Mar hen weekend? Try your hand at the classic sport of archery. Find out which woman has the marksmanship skills to give Robin Hood a run for his money. Green tights optional.

Get a little competition going with a score sheet. The loser buys the sangria later!

An instructor will be on hand to show you all how it's done. There are techniques to master that will increase your chances of hitting the target every time.

It takes skill, control and timing to hit the bullseye. Steady as she goes, ladies! In archery, a cool head and a steady hand takes precedence over speed and adrenaline.

If you want to do more than lie on the beach during a Lloret de Mar hen weekend, add archery into the mix. Anyone can have a go and the girls will always remember the experience.

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