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Hen Weekend, Hen Party and Hen Do Bungee Rocket Experience - Activities

Bungee Rocket

'Do one thing that scares you everyday.' - Eleanor Roosevelt

Satisfy those inner adrenaline junkies with one helluva thrill ride! The girls will love a ride on the Bungee Rocket. If the wifey's a real daredevil and wants to do something crazy on her final fling before the ring, an experience being flung into the air will definitely do the trick. Also known as a slingshot, the Bungee Rocket catapults you over 100ft into the air at mind melting speeds. Strap yourselves in, ladies - it's time to feel the Gs!

An experience on this ride is just like the ones you find at the big, bad theme parks. Exhilarating, terrifying and faster than a speeding bullet, this slingshot will have those members of your hen party brave enough to have a go screaming at top volume!

Ready. Steady. Boom!

Soar into the sky like Iron Man and get a jaw dropping view of the city skyline. See the town, it's landmarks and the surrounding countryside in a completely different way, when the rocket reaches the dizzy heights of its climb. The return trip is just as much fun!

This wild ride is one of those 'do before you die' experiences that you can look back on and say: 'I did it!' Screw up the courage to take the plunge on your hen weekend and you'll be so glad you did. The adrenaline rush is second to none and you can even have your experience recorded or photographed so you've got the proof to show your mates you had the guts to go for it!

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