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Be inspired by our hen weekends blog!

This is where you’ll find loads of fascinating info, hot trends, hen party themes, wedding themes and real life experiences. Wanna know what it’s like to go coasteering? Cathy’s been and lived to tell the tale. Fancy a cocktail making hen party? Read all about the time Yazmina went with her friends and had a total scream!

Our hen weekends blog is also jam packed with hen do destination ideas. If you’re not sure where to go, check out our blogs on hen weekends in the hottest UK and European destinations. Get the lowdown on Bristol’s best bars and find out why Barcelona’s beach bar scene rocks!

Know where you want to go but not sure what to do when you get there?

Keeping a group entertained can be tricky. That’s why activities and fun games are a good idea. Check out our blogs on hen party games, It’s a Knockout, spa days and big events like the Ladies Day at Aintree.

No hen do would be complete without fancy dress and we’ve blogged all about it. If you’re stuck for ideas and want something guaranteed to turn heads, read on.

If there’s something we haven’t covered that you’re interested in, get in touch and request a blog.

Plan a 2024 Hen Weekend on a Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Budget Friendly Hen Weekend

 Ladies, listen up! We all know that planning a hen weekend can be a whirlwind of excitement, but it doesn't have to break the bank. That's right, you can still have the time of your life without blowing your budget! In this ultimate guide, we'r...

By Julian

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Three ladies dressed in gatsby theme for a hen weekend.

Top 10 Trending Themes for Unforgettable Hen Parties

Are you ready to plan the ultimate hen party but feeling overwhelmed with all the theme options out there? Whether you're the maid of honour, a bridesmaid, or the bride-to-be herself, selecting the perfect theme sets the tone for a memorable celebrat...

By Nellie Gethins

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A pink limo in Paris.

Pink Limo And Moulin Rouge

Pink Limo & Moulin Rouge Are you ready to take your hen weekend from fabulous to unforgettable? Picture this: you and your squad, all dolled up and ready to hit the town in style. But not just any style – we're talking about rolling up in a ...

By Nellie Gethins

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Three ladies enjoying drinks on their hen do.

From Engagement to Hen Weekend

Get ready to embark on the ultimate journey from “Yes” to “I do” as we dive into the whirlwind world of wedding planning, starting from that magical moment of engagement all the way to your fabulous hen weekend. Picture this: you’ve just said “Yes” a...

By Nellie Gethins

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A group of ladies enjoying a hen party.

Top Hen Weekend Activities in 2024

Embarking on a hen weekend is an exciting journey filled with laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories. As we step into 2024, the world of hen party activities has expanded, offering a diverse array of experiences to ensure that every bride-to-b...

By Nellie Gethins

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Six girls enjoying glasses of wine on there hen weekend.

Reasons why you need to book your 2024 hen do now

Ladies, gather 'round because we're about to spill the tea on why securing your 2024 hen weekend early is the ultimate game-changer! Picture this: a weekend filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments – a celebration tailored to your wildes...

By Nellie Gethins

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Seven girls surrouned by balloons on a hen weekend.

The Top 2023 Hen Weekend Activities & What is To Come in 2024

As we bid farewell to the lively festivities of 2023, the stage is set to welcome the exciting trends that will shape the landscape of hen weekends in the upcoming year. Come along as we immerse ourselves in the world of hen weekend activities, disco...

By Nellie Gethins

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Eight girls dancing in a club on their hen weekend.

Top 2024 Hen Weekend Activities.

The Ultimate 2024 Hen do activitiesLadies, brace yourselves for the ultimate hen party extravaganza in 2024, where the fun knows no bounds! Picture this: a fabulous morning kick-starts with a lavish Bottomless Brunch, setting the tone for a day fille...

By Nellie Gethins

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