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Hen Weekend, Hen Party and Hen Do Activities - Bungee Run

Bungee Run

'No one looks stupid when they're having fun.' - Amy Poehler

Don't give the kids on the bouncy castle the evil eye of envy, ladies! Wanna race your besties up our big inflatable Bungee Run, instead? Hell yeah, you do!

Go head to head in a hen weekend face off! The name of the game is legging it as fast as you possibly can until the bungee cord kicks in a drags you back to the starting line. The ultimate goal is to place your Velcro baton at a point further than your opponent. Drop your baton and it's game over.

'Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.' - Jack Kerouac

If you're in search of something different from the bog standard hen do activities and the hen likes things a little on the silly side, the Bungee Run is brilliant. Split your bride tribe into two teams, put on your team strip and get racing! Howl laughing and get some priceless pics of arms flailing and legs kicking like cartoon characters. Great fun, this totally bonkers activity will whip up the team spirit and have the girls grinning from ear to ear.

A session on the Bungee Run is a team challenge, but you'll soon find out who the fastest runner is when the pressure is on. After the first round, the fastest racers from each team will go head to head in a nail-biting final. Which hen will get her baton the furthest up the run and claim victory for her team?

Lace up your trainers, get your fancy dress and bring the pain!

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