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Caving Activities - Hen Weekends, Hen Dos and Hen Parties


It's time to start living...underground.

Bring out your hen parties inner daredevils when you spelunk to your heart's content with this nail-biter of a challenge. Caving is an awesome adrenaline rush, perfect for the bride who's more Angelina than Audrey. Suit up, rope up and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Caving takes skill, guts and a certain amount of physical fitness. Your bride tribe will be lowered into an ancient network of caves on a rope system. Once at the bottom, you'll be led through underground streams and hidden rock formations by experienced, professional guides.

Let's go lose ourself in some beautiful place...

Each Caving experience is unique. You pick the difficulty that suits your hen party, as well as a pace you're all comfortable with. If you're hot to trot you can get all Katniss Everdeen on the afternoon with a commando-style workout; but if your BFFs are more the leisurely type, your instructor will take you into the heart of the caves at a much more chilled-out speed.

On the way, your group will discover ancient mysteries, lost fossils and sensational underground caverns. Talk about the best way to make the most of your final days as a single lady! Explore, scramble and discover with your girlfriends, do something that'll put a real sense of achievement into your hen weekend and still come back to the surface in time for champers and cocktails!

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