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Paragliding Activities and Experiences for Hen Weekends and Hen Parties


'The (wo)man who flies a paraglider must believe in the unseen.'

Is it a bird; is it a plane? Nope, it's you Paragliding like a proper daredevil! Whether you're looking for something awesome to do on a hen weekend or just love a challenge, this jaw dropping activity will do you proud. No experience needed, just turn up and find out what it's like to fly!

Paragliding is definitely a bucket list activity, which makes it a winner with hen parties looking for action and unforgettable experiences. It's adrenaline fuelled but also incredibly graceful and strangely relaxing. Feel your senses tingle as your feet leave the floor and you start to rise in to the sky.

'Your world is as big as you make it. Begin imagining...' - Georgia Douglas Johnson

Sessions are aimed at beginners, but if you're experienced, let us know and we'll arrange something at intermediate level. Beginners learn the basics at ground level before experiencing an actual flight. Once you're up there and gliding comfortably, look around and check out panoramic views of the countryside. You can't experience sights like this from ground floor or in a plane.

Bring those cameras and get some fantastic photos of your friends! There's only one problem with paragliding; it's massively addictive! One go and you'll be bitten by the bug.

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