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Power Kiting

Send off your single life in the sunshine...

If you thought kites were just for kids, you'll think again after a go at this bonkers sport! Power Kiting is the ideal hen weekend activity for the adventurous lady - a combination of fitness, skill and out and out guts. You'll be zipped, dragged and blasted into a state of adrenaline-filled Nirvana by these big girls' kites, which pull buggies or landboards across the beach.

An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease!

The power kite is a bit like a parachute in reverse - instead of using it to fall gently to earth, you launch it and use the trapped air as a power source. Sit in a kite buggy and race for the finish line with your best girls: or get to your feet on a landboard, which is very similar to a mountain board or a surfboard on wheels. Either way, your whole crew will be laughing, screaming and hollering as they conquer courses and pick up new tricks!

Power Kiting is guaranteed to put the pep back into even the tiredest hen weekend, which is why it's such a popular activity for your Saturday afternoon. Get the girls up and at ‘em again with a wacky race through the sand, and you'll come back to base fighting fit for a second evening on the town!

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