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Cocktail Making & 2 Course Meal for Hen Weekends and Hen Parties

Cocktail Making and 2 Course Meal

Lose your mind and come to your senses!

Love to try cocktail making but afraid it would take the girls out of action for the big hen night ahead? Fear not, ladies. Cocktail Making a Two Course Meal includes the perfect follow up refreshments to reset the system after all that mixology, even the tipsiest of hens will get a second wind!

Your afternoon starts with an introduction to the amazing art of cocktail creation. A qualified mixologist will show you how flavours and colours are combined in some of the classics, before setting you up with your own bar equipment to see if you can replicate the drinks.

'Cocktails and laughter but what comes after?' - Noel Coward

You can concentrate on shaking up a menu of established winners, or use your newfound knowledge of ingredients and cocktail styles to throw together a brand new drink of your own! Who knows, if you score a real hit it might even end up on the menu...

When the cocktail fun is done, you'll be escorted to a table where you can enjoy the fruits of your creative labours: and tuck into a delicious two course meal packed with hen party favourites. Pick a light bite or something more substantial, from a menu designed to satisfy. You'll soak up some of those lovely cocktails, without over-filling yourself before your hen night has even started. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds!

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