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Hen Do, Hen Party and Hen Weekend Italian Cookery Class Activity

Italian Cooking Class

'Life is a combination of magic and pasta.' - Federico Fellini

If your spag bol's a bit bland and your tiramisu tired, an Italian Cookery Class is the activity for you. Brilliant for foodies and hen parties, this class is led by a passionate chef and will see you and the girls whip up truly scrumptious Italian classics using fresh ingredients bursting with colour, flavour and taste.

During the course of an Italian cookery lesson you'll learn key skills that can be used for a whole host of dishing; like how to make the perfect pasta sauce. Inhale the heady scent of fresh basil, find out how to season a sauce properly and cook pasta to perfection. No more sticky pasta, soggy pizza bases or sloppy desserts!

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all...

The master chef leading the class will teach you all sorts of techniques and give you tips on how to prepare ingredients and cook them to release their flavour.

You don't need to be Jamie Oliver to get involved. It doesn't even matter if you can't boil an egg. The class kicks off with the basics and builds on them. By the end, you'll have learned a whole host of skills and be able to recreate the dishes at home.

This activity is ideal for a hen do because it's all about creating and sharing good food with friends. Get the gang together and cook up a storm!

An Italian Cookery Class includes disposable aprons, professional instruction from a chef, all ingredients and kitchen utensils.

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