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Hen Party Naughty Cupcake Workshop Activity

Naughty Cupcake Workshop

'I solemnly swear I am up to no good.' - J.K. Rowling

You're on a the bride's final fling before the ring, this calls for some rude food! Chocolate willies are SO last year. Get the gang together for a Naughty Cupcake Workshop in a ex-brothel and create deliciously decadent goodies that would make a sailor blush. You'll also get to stage your very own saucy photoshoot in an actual boudoir.

The Naughty Cupcake Workshop is the first treat on the menu. Forget willies and boobs, that's way too tame. You'll be creating something that looks a bit like the folds of a flower. It takes a delicate hand and a bit of layering to get it right. Now, what could that possibly be?! Think big giggles, lots of jokes about lady gardens, and icing all over the place. Well, it wouldn't be a hen weekend without a bit of mess, now would it?

I always behave, just not necessarily well...

After the workshop, it's time to unleash your inner vixen with the hottest photoshoot ever. Have a rummage through the saucy costume box and create your ultimate fantasy outfit. Strike a pose and own it!

Cupcakes in naughty shapes, saucy outfits, and a fantasy photoshoot - this hen do is sizzlin' hot! Come away with irresistible cupcakes and photos that will make the viewer putty in your hands.

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