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Hen Weekend Pastry Making Workshop Activity

Pastry Workshop

I bake, therefore I am.

Make soggy bottoms a thing of the past with this brilliant Pastry Workshop. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would definitely approve! If the bride loves to get her bake on, this is the hen party for her. Learn how to make the kind of goodies you see in the windows of posh patisseries with a proper pastry chef. Think sticky Belgian pastries with a perfect shine, and puff pastry creations bursting with custard, chocolate or fresh fruit. Mmm!

Chef will show you all sorts of amazing techniques and give you tips on how to create pastry-based treats that are flaky, buttery and utterly irresistible. Discover the recipe for the best puff pastry ever, and learn the secrets behind successful pastry dough.

They see me rollin' (dough), they hatin'!

As your goodies are baking in the oven, grab a chance to sit and chill over a bottle of wine. Whip them out when they've turned a lovely golden brown colour and resist the temptation to scoff the lot until they've cooled. We lasted about five minutes!

Take the recipes home and wow everyone with your amazing new baking skills.

A big hit with bride tribes full of foodies, a Pastry Workshop will teach you loads and you get to eat your creations at the end with friends. Perfect. Pop your pinnies on and become pastry queens!

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