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Hen Party and Hen Weekend Sushi Workshop Activity

Sushi Workshop

'I'm not making art, I'm making sushi.' - Masaharu Morimoto

Let the good times roll, with a lipsmackingly brilliant Sushi Workshop! Your hen party will learn to slice, dice and sashimi its way to delicious success under the ministrations of an expert sushi chef, whose masterful knife skills and rolling technique will have foodie brides to be gaping in awe.

Start your afternoon of sushi making with a fascinating look at the history of the art form, and a masterclass in creating some of its staple dishes. Your sushi chef will show you California rolls, Futomaki and Nigiri, before getting your hen party tooled up and ready to make its own masterpieces!

'In order to make a delicious food, you have to eat one.' - Jiro Ono, Sushi Master

You'll learn to slice ingredients correctly so they sit inside the finished roll, pat out the vinegar-infused sushi rice, and use seaweed to hold your rolls together. After a few false starts, you'll be creating colourful works of food art, perfect for snacking on during an afternoon of bonding with your besties!

Learn something really different on your hen do, master an ancient Japanese art and come away with a skill that'll always come in handy when you have a dinner party! Just remember to go easy on the wasabi, or you'll have to put the fire out with a few cheeky cocktails...

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