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Striptease Workshop Activity - Hen Weekend, Hen Party and Hen Do

Striptease Workshop

'Life is a circus, magic is a trick, love is a striptease.' - Michelle Fox

A big fave with brides up for a naughty but nice hen do, this Striptease Workshop will make you mistresses of teasing and temptation. Don't worry, no one will have to get naked. You just wear a couple of extra layers and learn how to peel ‘em off like a proper sexpot! The class takes place in a private room so you won't have to be embarrassed about strangers seeing you unleash your inner vixen.

There's nothing worse than setting out to seduce your man with a saucy striptease and ending up face planting onto the bed with your knickers in a twist. We've all been there! Not exactly what you want for your wedding night though, is it?

'It's been a rollercoaster, but it hasn't been boring.' - Cynthia Payne

Add a striptease workshop to your hen party plans and you'll learn how to take your clothes off without getting all tied up or collapsing in a fit of the giggles.

During the course of this very revealing class you'll learn simple moves that gradually get sexier as your confidence increases. Think stockings, suspenders and suggestive body language. Great fun and a brilliant bonding experience, a striptease workshop can be pretty clean or as hot as you can handle! Your call.

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