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Hen Weekend, Hen Do & Hen Party Helicopter Tour Daytime Activity

Helicopter Tour

Take the bride to the sky!

If you want to do a little sightseeing on a hen weekend, do it in superstar style with a Helicopter Tour. You've seen them zip across the sky a billion times on the silver screen, now experience the exhilaration of a ride for yourself!

You'll be greeted by an experienced helicopter pilot who knows the city inside out. Those taking the tour will be supplied with headsets and ushered into the helicopter like VIPs for the ride of a lifetime. When the bird hovers and then shoots up into the air you'll leave your stomach behind. It's more exciting than the Pepsi Max Big One and Nemesis put together!

and so...the adventure begins!

Let's not forget the sightseeing bit, that's sort of the point of a helicopter tour. You'll get a birds eye view of the city skyline and all its fabulous landmarks and monuments. These look positively majestic when seen from above. The feeling of seeing these attractions from the sky really can't be matched by the ground level view you get on bog standard walking, bike and bus tours. A helicopter tour supplies a truly unique perspective on a city and its surrounding countryside. You'll be able to enjoy sweeping views that go on for miles and miles.

If a once in a lifetime experience is what you want for a hen weekend, a Helicopter Tour is an excellent choice.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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