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Ice Skating

Ice skating is like walking in cursive...

Picture the scene: you gliding across the Ice Skating rink in a glittery dress, performing double Axels, toe loops and totally nailing the Lutz jump like an Olympic figure skater. The crowd roars and you're showered with bouquets as you take your final bow! Or you could just let go of the barrier and have a giggle skating round the rink with your best mates.

Ice skating hen parties are becoming increasingly popular. If you're having a hen do in the UK and don't fancy taking a chance on the weather, ice skating is a great choice. Beautiful, sophisticated and exciting, it ticks all the boxes. Anyone can have a go and you'll feel like a bona fide ice princess as you glide around, gaining confidence and going a little faster to the beat of the music pumping out of the rink's soundsystem. Who needs paintballing and muddy quad biking? Ice skating is every bit as adrenaline charged as the messy outdoor stuff!

Don't overthink it, just do what makes you happy!

Anyone can have a go at ice skating, which is great news if you're organising a hen do for a group with people of different ages and abilities. It's always good for a giggle and you'll get some lovely photos.

Ice skating hen parties include: rink admission and skate hire.

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