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Hen Weekend, Hen Party & Hen Do Jail Break Daytime Activity

Jail Break

Before you can break out, you must realise you're locked up.

If you want to do something different on a hen weekend, Jail Break will fit the bill. Think Prison Break - only for real! Your mission is to crack clues and complete team challenges to win keys and escape from an old jail in the middle of the countryside. If you love a challenge and fancy a bit of action and adventure, round up the crew and bust out of the pen.

How hard can it be? Don't be fooled into thinking this will be a walk in the park! It's a bit like the Crystal Maze, only in a prison. The clock's ticking and the pressure's on! Your heart will be hammering and the adrenaline pumping big time as you solve puzzles with seconds to go and stick the key in the lock in the nick of time.

The hardest prison to escape is your mind...

It's a real race against time to get to the escape hatch. The light's at the end of the can almost taste freedom! Will you make it or run out of time and end up stuck in the slammer?

Jail Break requires brains, speed and team work, which makes it especially good for a hen weekend. Join forces with your friends and use your amazing skills to totally smash the challenge.

Unforgettable and a great bonding experience, Jail Break has all the hallmarks of a brilliant hen weekend activity.

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