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Hen Do, Hen Weekend & Hen Party Lifeguard Activity


I've suddenly forgotten how to swim...

Gorgeous, buff, tanned, toned and charming, a smokin' hot Lifeguard is great for a bride's final fling before the ring by the sea. Who needs bow ties and bottom-flashing aprons when you've got Speedos and board shorts? Do the Baywatch thing and hire a hot guy to do your bidding for an hour or two.

If you can keep a secret, get everyone to chip in for a lifeguard and don't tell the bride! She'll be blissfully unaware of what's going on and then her eyes will pop and hand fly up to her gaping mouth when he struts over with pecs rippling and six pack on full display. She gets a treat and the rest of the hen party gets to enjoy his company as well. No brainer, right?

Happiness is having your own personal toned, tanned and seriously buff lifeguard!

You can hire a hot guy to pimp up a champagne breakfast, serve sunset cocktails on the terrace or spice up dinner with the girls. He can liven up a day at the beach, referee a beach volleyball tournament or accompany you on a shopping day or boat trip. Everything's better with some gorgeous male eye candy on your arm.

Just say the word and we'll book a Lifeguard for the bride's big party weekend. We only use reputable guys with great bodies who know how to keep a party of hens happy!

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