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Hen Party, Hen Do & Hen Weekend Male Lap Dancing Activity

Male Lap Dancing

Hey, hot stuff! Can I get a lap dance?

Stags get to see naked stuff all the time so why can't hen parties have male lap dancing? Ladies, the wait is finally over! We proudly present tanned, toned and totally ripped guys who put the bump into bump ‘n grind. If the bride wants a wild one with all the trimmings, hire a hottie to rock her hen with plenty of Male Lap Dancing!

We only get the most gorgeous, charming guys with super smooth moves for our hen parties. Have a giggle, enjoy some eye candy and get the best photos ever. Male strippers are old hat - lap dancing's where it's at right now!

Remember ladies; look but don't touch.

If you can bear to keep something as knicker twistingly exciting as male lap dancing a secret, don't tell the bride and watch her jaw drop when our fittie starts shaking his groove thang and gets all up in her grill with his devastating dance moves. The whole group will be hot under the collar, never mind the hen!

Come on girls; don't let the stag parties hog all the naughty but nice action. Male Lap Dancing is here and it's HOT! Tip us the wink and we'll make your bestie's hen night an extra large one.

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