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Belly Dance Meal for Hen Party, Hen Weekend and Hen Do

Belly Dance Meal

Men are from Mars. Belly dancers are from heaven!

If you want something more memorable than pizza for the hen's big dinner, check out a Belly Dance Meal. Spicier than your average eats, this meal includes some sensual live entertainment from professional belly dancers. Get the gang round the table for food, wine and a good ol' shimmy.

This is an unforgettable eating experience that will impress the girls no end. Forget being rushed out of the restaurant by impatient waiters who just want to get the next group in. The idea of a belly dancing meal experience is that you get to relax, soak up the ambience and enjoy the performances that go on throughout the evening.

Within the passion of dance, there lives a light, to turn darkness into gold...

The beauty of taking the girls for a belly dancing dinner show is that everything is booked and paid for in advance. You can budget better, avoid totting up who had what and enjoy free live dancing as well. No arguing about where to go or trying to get your whole group into a restaurant at last minute - it's all taken care of.

The Belly Dancing Meal is a great night out with the girls at a glamorous, exotic restaurant in the heart of the city. Get into the spirit of things and get your fancy dress on! Decorate your bodies with bells, floaty scarves and sequins. It's your hen weekend, why not?

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