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Hen Do, Hen Weekend & Hen Party House of Illusion Entertainment

House of Illusion

'Illusion is the first of all pleasures.' - Voltaire

What do you get when you combine a top notch bar with a risqué theatre, up close and personal street musicians and unlimited drinks? The House of Illusion, one of our favourite hen party haunts...ever!

The legendary magic and theatre venue has everything a girl could want on her final weekend of freedom: friendly bar staff, illusionists wandering through the masses pulling off jaw-dropping tricks right in front of your face, an opulent magic theatre and all the drinks you can handle! As soon as you enter the place, you'll be blown away by the talented parlour magicians plying their trade - and once you've had a couple o' cocktails, you'll be led into a candlelit theatre for the real show to kick off.

'Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly...' - Morticia Addams

The House of Illusion is renowned for combining show-stopping tricks with gutsy comedy, mind reading and audience participation. Make sure you get the wifey involved for a hen weekend that'll still be talked about long after the wedding's done and over.

This one's a no brainer, ladies! We're talking the perfect way to slip in something genuinely different on the bride's final fling before the ring. Come for the early show and get a meal with your magic - or go late for unlimited drinks without the safety net of food. We'd recommend combining the House of Illusion with a big hen night meal for maximum satisfaction.

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