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Hen Weekend, Hen Do and Hen Party Karaoke Night Entertainment

Karaoke Night

If karaoke were a sport, I'd be a gold medalist!

Gather up your bride tribe ladies! A Karaoke Night is for anyone who's ever belted out a hit into a hairbrush in front of the mirror. A no brainer for a hen party, a session in a private karaoke booth or pod will see the girls warbling away to their favourite hits. Down a drink for Dutch courage, get up and rock the mic, girls!

Gone are the days when a karaoke night meant one man and his kit down the local pub. Karaoke has gone upmarket and you'll love it! Think swanky private pods with fabulous lighting and state of the art sound systems loaded with enough tracks to keep an army of karaoke kittens going for the long run.

Warning: The consumption of cocktails might cause you to think you can sing!

If you're in charge of organising the bride's final weekend of freedom and she loves to sing, say the word and we'll hook you up with a private room for two hours. The wifey gets a fab Karaoke Night and those who've never done karaoke before don't have to get up in front of the entire bar and sing. Everyone's onto a winner!

Anything could happen on a Karaoke Night. Go Gaga with Bad Romance or unleash your inner diva with a classic Diana Ross track. As this is a hen do, Beyonce's Single Ladies surely has to be in there somewhere!

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