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Cider Tasting

Awlroight moi luvver!

Forget wine tasting or brewery tours. If the apple of your eye is usually served in a glass, Cider Tasting is the activity for you.

Perfect for summer hen parties, a cider tasting session will put the girls in the mood to make merry in the good old English countryside! Try legendary varieties of the happiest drink in the UK including perry, scrumpy, sparkling and festival. Your tasting guide will take you through the different processes and flavour combinations, plus you'll get a lovely buffet to keep everyone on top form throughout the afternoon.

Let cider be the spice to your life!

If your hen likes to party, we can't think of a better way to get started. A cider tasting session is informal, tons of fun and puts you right in the pub too. Plus you get at least one of your five a day, in pure apple form!

If you've arranged a dare sheet for the bride, this is the perfect place to get it started off. After a couple of premium ciders and a good egging on from you lot, she'll be asking strange blokes for their underpants and stealing kisses from passers by.

Ladies, let the hen party good times commence. You'll be posting selfies of bridesmaids surrounded by empty cider glasses before the sun goes down. Cheers!

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