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Cocktail Dinner and Champagne

Anything is possible with lipstick and champagne!

The Cocktail Dinner and Champagne is a perfect start to a hen night. It's light without being non-existent, and substantial enough to survive an evening's partying, without overloading you just when you need room for another glass of champagne!

You'll be invited to a central city location, where a brilliantly thought-out menu of modern finger food has been constructed for your pleasure. Nibble contemporary takes on classic dishes, shrunk to miniature form, and perfect accompaniments to the real star of the evening: the high quality champagne you'll be quaffing with your girlies!

We're a bit like champange you and me, classy, bubbly and often drunk at parties!

The champers is light and crisp, the genuine article from the Champagne region of France. The food is spectacular: colourful, zingy and full of surprising new twists on popular main courses. Because everything's been reimagined as a cocktail menu, you're not limited to just one thing either. Enjoy a whole table's worth of mouthwatering treats without busting out of your statement dress!

This is the best possible way to start off the main event of your hen night. Bring the girls together somewhere they can mingle, catch up, swap stories and enjoy delicious food - without the restriction of ordering full plates for a sit down meal. Instead, you'll drink, nibble and toast the bride without slowing the pace of the evening!

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