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Blackpool Hen Do - Party Platter Meal - Food and Drink

Party Platter Meal

Feed the masses!

If you're organising a hen night or a big birthday bash, a Party Platter Meal is a wise choice. Leave three course sit down meals for the wedding. No one wants to feel too full to rock the dancefloor! If you need something in your tummy but still want to leave enough room for drinks for the rest of the night, classic party food is the way forward. More affordable than a big dinner, it's budget friendly, tasty and quick.

It's not easy trying to please all sorts of palates and that's where a party platter meal comes in. Think of it as a big buffet featuring little dishes and treats we all know and love that are also ideal for lining stomachs before a big night out with the girls.

Food. Friends. Fun!

A party platter meal can feature food for both meat eaters and veggies so everyone's happy.

It's not just the food that makes a party platter meal a great idea. Posh restaurants are lovely but when it's ladies' night you need something laid back, fun, fast and informal. Relax, break the ice and bond in a relaxed setting over treats like pizza slices and spicy potato wedges before hitting the bars with the perfect meal option, the Party Platter Meal.

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