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Budapest Hen Party - Wine Cellar Meal - Food and Drink

Wine Cellar Meal

'Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to (wo)man.' - Plato

A Wine Cellar Meal is about more than just food. If you want a special hen do dinner in a lovely, romantic and atmospheric setting, a meal in a candlelit subterranean wine cellar is just the thing. Descend the staircase and you'll feel like you've entered a secret world. This is an unforgettable dining experience that tickle all your senses, not just the taste buds.

You can do pizza and bottles of plonk at an Italian or go out for a curry any time back home. A wine cellar meal is great for a big group like a hen party as the intimate, spellbinding setting gives everyone something to talk about and breaks the ice, which is great if there are people coming who haven't met before.

'Sip, swirl, swallow!' - Micheline R. Ramos

We'll book your wine cellar meal in advance of your hen weekend and supply directions so you know what you're paying and where you're going. No walking round a new city trying to find a restaurant with room for the whole hen party. Restaurant reservations make life easy.

As you might expect, the food and drink are fantastic! Wine lovers are in for a treat for obvious reasons. Wines are available by the glass or by the bottle (knowing you lot it'll be the latter!) and your waiter can advise you on the wines that perfectly complement your chosen dish.

Dinner surrounded by bottles of fine wine: what's not to love about a Wine Cellar Meal?

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