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Vilnius Hen Weekend - Sauna Party - Pamper

Sauna Party

Beautiful skin begins here...

Why settle for a bog standard spa day when you could rock your hen weekend with a private Sauna Party? When it comes to relaxing and detoxing, the rest of Europe definitely knows how to do it and have fun at the same time. Round up the girls, reclaim your inner cool, get your glow back and chill out for a few blissful hours in lovely, tranquil surroundings.

No moving up to make room for other people or getting just a bit too close to some hairy, sweaty stranger. You can relax and say anything you like, away from prying eyes and nosey parkers. Stretch out your legs, lie down and let the warmth spread throughout your entire body, easing any aches and knotted muscles. Have a few drinks, grab some food and catch up in total comfort. Ahhh...and relax!

Walk in. Float out.

A Sauna Party can be as relaxed or lively as you want to make it. Combine both and have a giggle as you relax and revitalise before or after a big hen night on the town. A sesh in the sauna is just the thing to get rid of toxins and clear your head of a pesky hangover. Those who're feeling a bit delicate will thank you for organising this one!

If you're looking to do a spa break for the bride's final weekend of freedom, but want something special that the girls will remember, a Sauna Party is a brilliant place to begin.

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