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Benalmadena Hen Weekend - Turkish Baths - Pamper

Turkish Baths

Life's too short not to relax...

Planning a wedding is a stressful time for even the most laid-back bride. Let your organisational headaches, work stresses and minor niggles float away with a visit to these beautiful Turkish Baths. A couple of hours in blissful surroundings will soothe even the most jaded of hen party heads, leaving you completely de-stressed, toned up and ready to carry on the weekend!

Step onto the beautiful marble floor, and pick your pool. Let your worries drift off into the steam of the warm pool, before you invigorate your body with a plunge in cold water! The sensation of going back to the heated pools after an icy dip is the perfect antidote to mental and physical exhaustion, and will have you and your besties back to normal in no time.

Rejuvenate. Refresh. Renew.

When your bride tribe has warmed and cooled itself into a state of total relaxation, it's time to head for the chillout areas. How will you relax - a full massage, or a lazy lounge on plump sofas?

It's up to you how you spend your afternoon in the Turkish Baths, but we reckon you should try it all. You deserve a little first rate pampering! Lie back, wind down and let it all wash over you. Beautiful.

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