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Disco Dodgeball

'Aaaah freak out!' - Le Freak

If Taylor Swift had a hen party, she'd do Disco Dodgeball!

It is what it sounds like; you play dodgeball to a big mashup of floorfillers past and present. Go through the biggest hits of each decade and try to tag all the girls in the opposite team. Genius. The whole event starts with a big dance-off to get everyone involved and in the zone.

There's only one problem: when you favourite track comes on you might be thrown off your game. Will you give in to disco fever and drop the ball as you bust out your moves and have a karaoke queen moment?

'Keep me groovin' with some energy...' - Lipps Inc

Top Disco Dodgeball tracks? That's top secret info! Britney's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' springs instantly to mind. 'I Will Survive' has to be in there somewhere. Then you've got 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger'. We don't know exactly what you'll throw to but it will be catchy and damn good. Why? Because the soundtrack has been specially designed by an actual game developer and every tune ties in with the nature of each individual dodgeball game.

The whole thing turns into the mother of all throwback dance parties. Which of course is exactly what you want on a hen party. The girls will be well up for going out after this. Get in the game and smash it.

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