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Escape the ordinary...

Can your bride tribe conquer the Escapologic room of riddles, puzzles and crazy contraptions? You have just one hour. The clock's ticking. Go team hen!!

If the bride loves a mystery, Escapologic is ideal for her hen do. Get the gang together and come on down to our eerie escape rooms. Located in the heart of the city, they're unlike anything you'll have experienced. Dark, spooky and full of peculiar puzzles and bizarre brain teasers, these rooms will send a shiver down your spine! Dare you enter?

Even the bravest hen will squeal when the door creaks shut and the key turns in the lock!

And so...the adventure begins!

As your eyes become accustomed to the gloom, you'll notice something's not quite right...

Why does it feel like someone's panicked and left quickly? What's that bizarre bit of machinery in the corner? Why is a single key illuminated under a lamp? What happens when you flip that switch?

Suspense, thrills, puzzles, drama and conundrums collide in one epic team challenge. The bride might not remember her hen night but she'll never forget Escapologic!

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