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Live Action Escape Room

Get terrified on your hen weekend...

If the woman you're planning a hen do for isn't the type to want pamper treatments, dance classes and perfume making an alternative activity is just what you need and we've got just the thing. The Live Action Escape Room experience is like nothing you've ever seen before, and it's going to scare the pants off you. Prepare yourselves, ladies; things are about to get interesting!

The best thing about this event is that no one needs any prior experience to take part. Everyone from your mum to your bestie can get involved. Just keep your wits about you, this isn't the type of activity for the faint of heart. Come on, ladies! The bars and clubs of the cities throughout the UK will be waiting when you get out...if you get out. You'll need to work as a team if you have any hope of escaping those who want your brains for breakfast!

Come together with your hen party to crack the code!

The Live Action Escape Room experiences will be held in top secret locations in cities throughout the UK. If you want to take part on your final fling before the ring just give us the nod, let us know which destination you choose, when you're celebrating and how many girls will be participating. We'll get it sorted. Since this is very popular, you'll want to book early to avoid disappointment.

When you arrive at the location, you'll be met by a friendly event team. They'll take you through a safety briefing and find out what to expect from your session. There are two scenarios to choose from. In the first, you'll be locked in a dark room with a zombie shackled to the wall. During your time in the room, your hen party will need to find clues that are hidden within, solve the puzzles and crack the code in order to escape. In the second, you're in a prison van with no hope of escape. Can you come together in time to get out? Only one way to find out!

In a nutshell:

  • Live Action Escape Room
  • Secret location in East London
  • 1 hour to escape
  • Room or prison van
  • Zombie in the room with you
  • Solve puzzles, find clues and crack codes
  • Adrenaline pumping activity
  • Max group size: 10
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