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Vintage Picnic

It's a blast from the past...

If you're planning a vintage hen party you'll need food to match. A Vintage Picnic is the cherry on top of the cake! Slip into a retro summer dress, tie a head scarf under your chin, pop on a pair of big sunglasses, stretch out on a blanket and enjoy some classic finger food from a proper picnic basket bursting with goodies.

Remember those fresh sandwiches and moist cakes your granny used to pack for days out in the countryside? That's the kind of thing you'll be tucking into. Who needs rocket and pesto when you've got good old cheese sarnies on fresh baked bread and a bottle of something fizzy to wash it all down? You'll get a generous picnic featuring homebaked treats that everyone knows and loves.

Nothing like a touch of class!

There's no set destination for a vintage picnic. Find a pretty spot in a park or enjoy some scrumptious goodies in a lush garden. If the bride has a favourite place, keep the whole thing secret and surprise her on the day.

A vintage picnic is a great way to get everyone together, enjoy the sun (hopefully!), catch up and chill out before hitting the bars and clubs on a hen night.

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