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Hvar Hen Weekend - Blue Cave Boat Trip - Water Activities

Blue Cave Boat Trip

Make your final fling before the ring an adventure...

There's a beautiful secret on the Croatian coastline that you've got to see on your hen weekend. Get the girls together for an unforgettable experience on a Blue Cave Boat Trip. The legendary Blue Cave hides natural wonders you won't see anywhere else in Europe. Book yourselves on a boat trip to this hard to find gem, and you'll give your BFF a present she'll never forget.

Your experienced skipper will take your bride trip to a small fissure in the rocky walls of Bisevo Island. As the Mediterranean waters carry you gently inside, the cave and its beauty open up around you...

'Smell the sea, feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.' - Van Morrison

The Blue Cave is aptly named, and when you'll enter you'll soon see why. The walls are coated with a rare mixture of minerals, which reflects the sunlight as it enters through the hole behind you. Refracted through the calm waters of the inner cave, the sunlight bounces off the walls which makes it glow an unearthly blue.

You won't be able to tell where the water level finishes and the air begins. Instead, you'll feel as though your boat is suspended inside a sphere of spectacular colour. Grab your BFF's hand and jump into the water for a weightless, luxurious dip in the warm currents inside the cave. It's brilliant!

A must-see phenomenon for girls visiting Croatia, speak with your hen party planner for the best times to to take a Blue Cave Boat Trip.

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