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Benalmadena Hen Do - Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding - Water Activities

Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding

To stay the course...sometimes you've gotta make waves!

Create a memory your GFs will never forget with this Facebook Live-friendly wet and wild photo op! Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding is the perfect combination of full throttle, adrenaline fuelled madness and easy to learn water sports. Come on girls, take the plunge!

There's no motorboat to worry about, just a clever cable system that pulls you around a lake at a speed that's comfortable for you. Look slinky in a wetsuit, pull some radical moves without battling water chop and get back to shore in plenty of time to be sipping mojitos. What's not to like?

Leave dry land behind...

Bride tribes looking to mix action with their satisfaction can't go wrong with Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding. Start on skis to get use to being pulled around a lake on the high tech pulley system, then switch up to a wakeboard if you're game for a demanding test of balance. Wakeboarding's a cross between surfing and water skiing and it's absolutely brilliant for brides who love their fun with a side of adrenaline pumping action!

Make sure your hen party delivers on the bucket list front, wow the wannabes on the shore and pull some manoeuvres that'll make the surf bums green with envy. When you're done, towel off like Layne Beachley - the original surfer girl - and head for the bar! This one's a must-capture experience, so make sure at least one of the girls in your hen party has her smartphone ready and Facebook Live keyed up!

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