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Cancun Hen Weekend - Captain Hook Boat Trip - Water Activities

Captain Hook Boat Trip

Ahoy there, me hearties!

Round up your pirate lasses and prepare to board ship! We're shivering yer timbers with the hen party meal to end them all on our Captain Hook Boat Trip.It's a swashbuckling good time!

Picture the scene: your besties are fully decked out in pirate fancy dress, enjoying the unlimited free drinks and the run of a monumental buffet. Fresh crisp salads, bright platters of locally sourced veggies, fish and shellfish caught right there in the warm Caribbean waters...what could be tastier?

Suddenly, a cannon explodes! Amidst the smoke and fire you see the legendary figure of Captain Hook himself, risen from Davy Jones' locker...

Work like a captain, play like a pirate...

Half magic and comedy show, half Pirates of the Caribbean, the Captain Hook Boat Trip combines spectacle and audience participation with lashing of grog and an actual pirate battle. You'll hear outrageous seafaring yarns, see smokin' hot pirates perform death defying routines and witness a full on sword fight in the rigging. There's simply nothing like this hen party dinner anywhere else in the seven seas!

See the wifey off in true style with a nautical feast fit for a pirate queen! Fancy dress is a must to fully enjoy the spirit of the evening. Affix a pirate to your shoulder, adjust your eye patch and prepare for sea shanties aplenty.

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