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Blackpool Hen Do - Wakeboarding - Water Activities


Move over surfing!

This is a job for Wakeboarding! Wakeboarding is what all the crazy kids are doing right now. If you want to get stuck into some water sports on your final weekend of freedom, this is a thrilling place to start.

It's described as a cross between water skiing, surfing and snowboarding. Feel the delicious thrill of flying across the water behind a motorboat at speeds of up to 25mph. Don't worry if the girls have never done this before. Wakeboarding virgins are welcome. Hen party classes are designed for beginners and cover the basics, like how and where to stand on the wakeboard, getting started int he water and of course, standing up and staying there as the boat picks up speed.

Life's a wave. Catch it!

Qualified instructors, who are used to getting big groups like hen parties to relax and become more confident, will teach you all sorts of techniques to make the experience easier and more enjoyable. The aim is to get everyone up and riding by the end of class and have some fun in the water.

Who knows? If you're naturals you may even get to learn the switchstance start and try a few beginner tricks! Tell the girls to bring towels, sun cream and their bikinis. It's time to do more than chill on the sand at the beach!

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