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Amsterdam Amsterdam Dungeons

Have your hen party screaming on an Amsterdam hen weekend...

Forget the Red Light District for a few hours and discover the darker side of this stunning European destination. The Amsterdam Dungeon takes a deep dive into the sinister history of the Netherlands and your hen party will be left with a terrifying case of the goosebumps. If you want to keep all the ladies in your hen party entertained, this activity won't do you wrong.

Arrive for your ride time and enter the dark descent, where the gatekeeper is waiting to whisk you down into the dungeon. The lift creaks and the cogs clang, while your hen party finds out just how contagious the plague actually was. When you exit the lift, you enter the torture chamber, ran by a bloodthirsty torturer. The dark has you on edge and when you set your eyes on him try to stifle your screams.

Explore another time with your hen party in Amsterdam!

Run for your lives from the threatening gaze of the torture and head straight for the Magic Musico experience. At first glance it's a bog-standard bar, but not everything is as it seems. Before you know it, your trapped on the decks of the VOC Batavia and no longer a free person. The cannons defeat you as they fire, the smells are horrific and there are rats everywhere. Your hen party discovers what the crew had to deal with as the 17th century ship sailed the seas.

Once you break free of the Batavia, you find yourselves in an autopsy suite, Doctor Deyman works over the body of the infamous Black John. You'll find out all about body parts, whether you can handle the stench and so much more. This is only the beginning of the experience and by the time you've exited the dungeons, your hen party will be more than ready for a round of drinks (and maybe to kiss the ground, thankful for their freedom!).

In a nutshell:

  • Access for your hen party¬†
  • Shows, rides and experiences
  • History of Netherlands' dark side
  • Ask your hen party planner for further details
From Only £39.00 per Person
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