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Amsterdam Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Highland Games

Amsterdam Highland Games

Haud yer weesht an' get oan wae it!

Let's get ready to rumble! Hen weekends are all about blowing off steam and doing something a bit crazy - and you've found it with the Amsterdam Highland Games. Shred that wedding planning and work stress with this hilarious team event. Reckon you cam smash a bunch of traditional Scottish challenges? We're talking things like toss the caber and the tug 'o war. There might be a bit of welly wanging in there, too.

Half the fun of the Highland Games is trying to stop giggling long enough to win one of the events!

Bruadarach (n.) - A dreamer

This is a properly organised event with equipment and an instructor to get the games off to a rip-roaring start. Get into the spirits with shouts, roars and lots of grrrs! Split into teams and put your best scary faces on as you face off in events that require plenty of welly! Put your back into it and fist punch the air when you score precious points for your team. As you might've guessed, the Highland Games can get pretty competitive. It's all good fun and you'll be buzzing afterwards!

Definitely the funniest activity for a hen weekend in the 'Dam, Highland Games will unleash your inner champion. Get the tartan out, do team strip and go for it!

In a nutshell:

  • Amsterdam Highland Games
  • Traditional Scottish games, events and challenges
  • Professional instructor
  • Field to yourselves
  • All equipment supplied
  • Minimum of 10 people required
From Only £63.00 per Person
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