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Ayia Napa Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Escape Rooms

Ayia Napa Escape Room

Will your hen party escape in Ayia Napa?

One of our favourite Ayia Napa hen do activities, the escape room will mess with your mind. In a good way! Enter a locked room with a team of up to five people and see if you can find the way out before your time is up. You have one hour to do it and there's a bunch of clues, items to find and puzzles that must be solved. There are a couple of different rooms. Each one has its one theme and goal. There's a heist scenario. Can you steal the money and get out before the alarms go off? Then you've got the asylum. Will you manage to break free in time? Rooms do get changed but that's the kind of thing you can expect.

Loads of fun, this is an exciting challenge that will really bond the girls, get you thinking, and give you a big buzz. Once that clock starts ticking, the adrenaline starts pumping big time. Solve enough riddles and you'll be able to get out before your 60 minutes are up. Fail to do it and you could be stuck in Ayia Napa forever. Not such a terrible fate of course!

The escape room craze has literally swept Europe and now it's going global. You've definitely got to do this on your Ayia Napa hen do, it's amazing and will change the way you think and feel about games forever.

Give us your numbers and we'll get you in there.

In a nutshell:

  • Escape room experience in Ayia Napa
  • Escape game for 2-5 people
  • 1 hour to find the exit
  • Puzzles and riddles
  • Each room has its own theme
  • Immersive and exciting

This activity is no longer available.

From Only £40.00 per Person
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