Benalmadena Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Wine Tasting

Benalmadena Wine Tasting

You know wine tasting is a no-brainer for a hen weekend! Marbella is famous for her deliciously sweet wines, which taste like nectar of the gods. Take a little trip from Benalmadena to Puerto Banus, where you can visit a winery and sample some of the local wares.

This is a great chance to enjoy a little wine appreciation, learn some lingo and discover how to read a wine label like a real buff. An expert will be on hand to lead the session and introduce your hen party to the finer things in life.

Learn all about the different Spanish wines and how the grapes get from vineyard to bottle. You'll also discover how to really taste wine rather than just glug it. Swirl it in the glass to unlock the flavours, and then pop your nose in and breathe deeply to experience the aromas. Have a giggle about funny wine descriptors like ‘flabby' and ‘jammy', and find out what people mean when they say a wine is ‘complex' or even ‘cheesy'!

Return to Benalmadena bursting with knowledge and test your new wine vocabulary at one of the lovely restaurants on the marina.

In a nutshell:

  • Wine tasting in nearby Puerto Banus
  • 3 glasses of wine per person
  • Learn tasting techniques and lingo
  • Discover how to read wine labels like an expert

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