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four ladies enjoying cocktails in a Jacuzzi.

Benidorm VIP Rooftop Terrace and Jacuzzi

Glam Heights: VIP Rooftop Revelry for the Hen Weekend

Ladies, brace yourselves for the ultimate dose of luxury on your hen weekend- the VIP rooftop Terrace and jacuzzi package! Imagine a haven in the sky, where bubble, breathtaking views, and girly giggles seamlessly blend into the perfect cocktail for an unforgettable celebration. Step into a world of indulgence as your group is welcomed to an exclusive rooftop terrace, reserved just for you and your fabulous friends. This is not your average rooftop experience; it’s a VIP affair designed to elevate your hen weekend to glamorous heights.

As you enter the lush oasis in the sky, the first thing that catches your eye is the inviting jacuzzi, ready to whisk you away into relaxation. Yes, darling, you heard it right – a private jacuzzi exclusively for your group. Picture this; Two and a half hours of pure bliss, surrounded by the skyline, laughter, and the warmth of the bubbling water. It’s the perfect recipe for a hen do to remember. 

Sip & Soak: Rooftop VIP Retreat for the Hen Crew

But that’s not all – your group will receive 40 euros per person in credit for food and drink, ensuring that your taste buds are just as pampered as you are. Sip on cocktails, indulge in delicious bites, and let the rooftop atmosphere heighten the sense of celebration. 

Now lets talk about service fit for queens! A dedicated waiter is at your beck and call, ready to cater to your every whim. Need a refill on that glass of bubbly? Consider it done. Craving a tasty treat? Your wish is their command. This is your time to relax, enjoy, and let the VIP treatment sweep you off your feet.

So whether you’re soaking in the jacuzzi, sipping on something delightful, or simply reveling in the spectacular views, the VIP Rooftop Terrace and Jacuzzi Package is the epitome of hen weekend extravagance. Its not just a celebration; it’s a girly escape to the heights of opulence. Get ready to bask in the luxury, darling – your rooftop kingdom awaits! 

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