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Cars crashing in a derby. Discover the Birmingham Auto Circus with your hen party:

Birmingham Auto Circus

Ladies, it's time to rev those's ready, set, go...

Roll up for the greatest show on earth ladies...if the bride to be loves extreme activities then the auto circus in Birmingham is definitely one for the bride tribe. Forget your run of the mill driving experiences as this incredible Birmingham auto circus activity is totally unique and has six of the funniest and most exciting racing events ever!! The ladies will totally be screaming for more...

Brakes? No ladies you mean the coward pedal...

Take part in the Castor Car Challenge for the latest craze that's sweeping the auto circus world, the purpose built car has casters instead of tyres for the ultimate drift machine. Also take part in the Double Decker Show, we're not talking about the buses but imagine two cars stacked on top of another. The next stop is the Del Boy challenge, you guessed it you'll certainly be rallying around the bonkers course, isn't this what Robins were built for? Plus it's wobble-tastic fun! Not forgetting the Off Road Dirt Buggies and the Nag Drag which involves plenty of hysterical fun! The final round will be the Push-me Pull-you road game where you'll try to tame the wackiest car around, it's totally bonkers with two steering wheels, two drivers and giddy laughs all round. It's time to shift your hen weekend into high gear with this driving activity.

What are you waiting for ladies?

In a nutshell:

  • Six events
  • Castor car challenge, double decker showdown, del boy challenge, off road dirt buggies, nag drag, push me pull you
  • Venue near to Birmingham
  • Approx. 4 hours
  • Birmingham wheels raceway
  • Trophies, prizes and certificates
  • Light refreshments such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate available
  • Hot food available to buy
  • Driving licence required
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