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Birmingham - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Tank Paintball

Birmingham Tank Paintball

'Who runs the world? Girls!' - Beyonce

One of the coolest ways to blow off wedding planning stress would have to be a Birmingham Tank Paintball hen party!

It's hens vs hens in a battle for glory in real armoured vehicles with cannons that fire whacking great paintballs! Jump into tanks and face off in the ultimate test of guts, skill and teamwork.

You'll do battle in teams of three and there are 15 tanks on site. It's gonna get messy!

'Men fight wars. Women win them.' - Elizabeth I

This is not an exercise! When you arrive on site, you'll be issued with army style suits and helmets, then shown to your battle chariots. These are real tanks, not toys. You'll learn how to work the controls, load the paintballs and fire the cannon.

The instructors are amazing and know the tanks inside out. They'll let you drive with the hatch open for lap one, but then it's time to get serious. Face the challenge of driving and firing the cannon with only the periscope to see through. Yikes!

When you've practiced driving, loading and firing at targets, then it's time for the real thing. Who will get smart and use tactics and whose tank will get covered in paint? The bride's memories of a hen night on Broad Street will probably but hazy but she'll always remember the day she was in an all out tank paintball war with her besties!

In a nutshell:

  • Birmingham Tank Paintball experience
  • Play tank paintball in real armoured vehicles
  • Drive tanks that shoot giant paintballs from their cannons
  • Session lasts 2 hours
  • Instruction included
  • Warm-up lap and practice target shooting
  • Experience authentic battle conditions
  • Drivers licence not required
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