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Blackpool - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Battlezone Archery

Blackpool Battlezone Archery

Get amongst it...literally

Blackpool hen party! What's the plan? Pleasure Beach? Too predictable. Tower? Meh. Drag cabaret show? Yes, but those gals don't get up till teatime. If you want to do something amazing in the day that'll give you a great story to tell, do Blackpool Battlezone Archery.

It takes the age-old sport we all know and love and turns it into something extra special. You've watched a bunch of films with archery fight scenes. Now you can jump right into the action with your very own epic battle. And no one walks away with cuts or broken bones. How? It's down to the fact that the smart guys who created this game put rubber on the arrows rather than sharp tips. Not just any old rubber bung, either. These arrowheads actually absorb the shock of a hit so you don't. Clever, eh?

"The thing about archery is that everyone can do it and everyone has a good day at it. You don't have to be an expert" - Tom Barker

Blackpool Battlezone Archery is a game played in teams. A bit like being opposing forces in a war. This is no time to be nice! Dodge, duck, shoot and outwit your fellow hens as you play exciting team games with bows and arrows. There's the Battlezone game itself for starters, which is followed by a load of other games. Expect ones similar to paintball scenarios and others that you get in dodgeball. It's fast, gets the adrenaline up, and leaves you buzzing!

In a nutshell:

  • Blackpool Battlezone Archery
  • Supple bows and special arrows that don't inflict pain
  • Short team games
  • Scenarios of the kind you get in paintball
  • Some dodgeball-type face-offs
  • Guards for faces, fingers, hands and bodies are provided
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Packages That Include This Activity

Blackpool Hen Party Packages - Battlezone Archery
Queens of the Battlefield
Whats Included...
  • Battlezone Archery
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Walkabout Entry and Drink
  • Night Club Entry
  • 1 Night Accommodation
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