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Blackpool Disco Dodgeball

Top tracks and big balls!

Take a mixtape of anthems from back in the day, add a bunch of fun dodgeball games and you have Blackpool Disco Dodgeball! Split into teams, go on a magical mystery tour of the musical decades, and play fast and furious games to win points. Who will totally nail the dance off at the start? Are you good enough to be the last hen standing? Which team will win bragging rights? Line up on opposite sides of the court and bring it!

You'll play straight up dodgeball and a bunch of other games to a master mix of tunes picked to suit each one. The event is structured and organised for you by a professional coordinator.

"Got nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide" - Martha and the Vandellas

Wallflowers watch it! There is literally nowhere to hide in this game. Getting involved is the only way this works. When you hear an absolutely stonking track you won't be able to stand on the sidelines. Feel the fire in your belly, strut onto the court and crush members of the other team like bugs. Nothing brings out a girl's competitive side quite like dodgeball. It's a great choice for a hen party. When you add top tracks to the mix it adds a bit of lighthearted fun and stops people taking the whole thing too seriously.

You don't need any previous experience to play Blackpool Disco Dodgeball. Just get on the court and give it your all!

In a nutshell:

  • Blackpool Disco Dodgeball
  • Includes a dance off
  • Event takes around 1 hour
  • Coloured team bibs to wear while you play
  • Fancy dress ok
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