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Bournemouth - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Battlezone Archery

Bournemouth Battlezone Archery

England's hottest hybrid event!

Some total genius thought it would be awesome to create an event that mixed archery with paintball and dodgeball. So he did. Bournemouth Battlezone Archery combines the skill of archery with the thrill of paintball and the competitive fun of dodgeball.

Compete in teams. The big goal is simply to get more points than the other team. You do that by playing a bunch of games like Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag. You'll also play the actual Battlezone Archery game, which involves getting other players out and hitting their cones. You play with bows and arrows rather than paintball guns. The arrows have rubber tips that take the force of impact so no one gets hurt. The instructors will explain everything and give out face guards and also body armour if you want it.

Got a bunch of bad girls to entertain?

You could do a few beach sports but that would be too predictable for a seaside hen weekend, and it's the kind of thing you can do any old time. Bournemouth Battlezone Archery is ideal if you're planning a hen party for a bride who isn't interested in girly stuff like spa days and dance classes. It's also one of those experiences that will definitely stick in your minds. Ain't no way the girls are gonna forget the time you all went to Bournemouth and ran around shooting each other with bows and arrows in proper Hunger Games style!

In a nutshell:

  • Archery meets paintball and dodgeball
  • Flexible bows
  • Rubber-tipped arrows absorb shock
  • Protective gear is provided
  • Event coordinators run the games
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