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Bournemouth Rum Tasting

Every little thing is gonna be alright...

Get a taste of the Caribbean on your hen weekend with a brilliant Bournemouth Rum Tasting experience! The anti-thesis to pretentious wine tasting, this marvellous masterclass teaches a girl everything she needs to know about rum in a funny, entertaining way. So get your hen party together for a single life send off that'd make Captain Jack Sparrow cheer!

During your tasting session you'll get your palate wet with six different types of rum. You'll also mix your own mini cocktail and find out just why the pirates love the devil water so much.

Drinking rum before 10am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic!

Did you know that nearly every Caribbean island has its own type of rum? True story. While your sipping shots, learning facts and swapping stories about what you've done during a night on the daiquiris, your hen party will be well and truly bonded!

No hen weekend would be complete without a hilarious challenge. Blind rum tasting is just what the hen doctor ordered. Match all six rums to their correct tasting notes. Sounds easy? Think again! There are whites, golds, dark, aged...the list goes on. Emerge from your experience a bit squiffy, ready to hit the bars along Bournemouth Beach!

In a nutshell:

  • Bournemouth Rum Tasting
  • Private experience
  • Rum connoisseur
  • 6 different rums
  • Blind tasting
  • Certificate mementos
  • Mini cocktail & shot
  • Allow 90mins for this activity

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