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Bournemouth Seduction Class

Here come the cucumbers and bananas!

Want to put a little sizzle in your hen party shenanigans? Get your bride tribe off to a Bournemouth Seduction Class on your hen weekend! Hen parties up for learning a few new tricks for the bedroom will come away with a whole bag of 'em to wow boyfriends, girlfriends and grooms. This saucy sesh will turn everyone into a sexpert. Brilliant for boosting confidence, hilarious fun and really revealing, get your hen party involved!

Don't worry, there isn't any nudity. If there are girls in your bride tribe who are a bit shy, this experience can be as dirty or clean as you want it to be. This is your hen weekend after all!

It's always the words that undress you...

Seduction classes are only available in a few locations across the UK and Bournemouth is one of them. Grab your chance to try this class; you won't regret it! Your group will get the lowdown on the ancient art of seduction from a female expert in the field. We're talking flirting techniques, tips on how to use body language to your advantage and a lap dancing routine that'll give the groom heart palpitations.

We reckon this is one of our favourite activities for a hen weekend. It's perfect for ladies of all ages!

In a nutshell:

  • Bournemouth Seduction Class
  • Private, city centre venue
  • Allow 2hrs for this activity

Packages That Include This Activity:

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Saucy Seduction

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